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  • Important Information

  • Under Construction’s approach to the Sales and Quoting process is one of great importance. Besides the finish product we deliver, this is where we have gotten our most positive feedback from our clients.

    Under Construction prides itself on including every detail to meet your expectations for your proposed project. Whether a windows/siding project or an addition to your home, after the initial consultation with Lou, you will already feel like you have the right contractor. Lou prides himself on the importance of understanding your every need, and sometimes your wants.

    Lou urges that every prospective client follow these 9 crucial steps in determining which contractor to choose:

    1. In choosing which contractors to call: check out local advertising, stay away from ads that give you dollar amounts for specific projects. Reputable contractors will not advertise this way. Best form of advertising for a contractor is word of mouth. Ask neighbors, friends, and family for contractors they have dealt with. Chances are you will get further with that approach.

    2. Request at least 3 quotes. Compare each quote with a fine tooth comb, the lowest price is not always the best. Make sure each contractor is pricing the same way, we say “apples for apples”.

    3. How long has the contractor been in business? Simply ask for their license number and search on the CT Consumer Protection Agency website. With a heartbeat and a social security number, just about anyone can become a contractor. Please be very cautious!

    4. Ask for an insurance certificate prior to the start of your project. This is a must. In the event your contractor does not pay his/her policy, you will receive a letter directly from the insurance company stating so.

    5. Permits. Always a big question. Ultimately the responsibility falls on the homeowner, however, permits are in place for your protection, inspectors are there to make sure all construction occurs under strict guidelines. Having a permit is like having an additional insurance policy, responsible contractors will request you have permits in place.

    6. You must request references. Now granted, all names on that list will be past clients that are extremely satisfied with that contractors’ work, of course. Lou says, “take it a step further”…

    7. Visit previous projects that are related to yours. Don’t look a bathroom renovation, if you are in need of an addition. Many contractors specialize in a handful of projects, not all contractors can handle all facets of building and remodeling.

    8. Visit projects that are currently in-progress (all reputable contractors will have ongoing projects). Go visit the job site, look at cleanliness, most projects are close to your home, visit multiple times, see how progress is going. Under Construction invites all its’ prospective clients to visit anytime, while we are on site or not. Our existing clients understand the importance of new clients and will be more than happy to let you see their project.

    9. Web searches. The internet is a very powerful tool to search contractors (e.g. BBB, Consumer Protection, CT Judicial Branch for criminal/civil past and pending cases, and many more).